Friday, August 21, 2009

spirit home

i have to know before i continue with this blog, has anyone ever been somewhere; a beachtown, an island, a european country, a village, a town, a new state ( you get it) and KNEW "this is where i belong" ... i feel at ease, i feel at HOME, my "spirit is alive". I want to live here, but.... alas.... you had to come back to where you were ( city, state, job, town) and couldn't "move" to your spirit home; you were miserable and thought everyday continuosly about the "other" place ... anyone out there know what i'm talking about? please, let me see if there are any readers so i know if i should continue & if so.... let's talk about "spirit home"


  1. What a great blog I stumbled upon. Can't wait to read more! It really makes you wonder!!

  2. wow, what a beautiful beginning to an exciting blog, i definitely know what you mean... i work in LA and have spent most of my life here, but i am itching to get out... sometimes practicality and work, money, lifestyle etc peer pressure to believeing what you should be doing what you should be making what you should be spending your money on... but im beginning to think does your financial collateral and location mean more than the place that makes you happy....?
    i think not..
    who knows after reading your blog i may just buy a plane ticket..only problem is i need to find a great dog sitter :)
    write on zazu please write on !!!!!